BusPlanner® Web is designed to provide answers to those that need them—when they need them.  This web-based student transportation information portal provides staff members and parents with easy access to the school bus route information they require.  BusPlanner® Web provides straightforward, instant information for those who rely on the transportation department for the answers they need, without having to bother your transportation staff.  This adds convenience and saves money and time—both theirs and yours.


Acting as part of Georef’s complete school bus route planning environment, BusPlanner® Web  increases the productivity of school board staff and enhances customer service by providing the public with up-to-date policy information online.  However, BusPlanner® Web can also be implemented and used as a stand-alone system.  Based on Georef’s technology platform, BusPlanner® Web offers an effective query facility for individual districts or multi-district consortiums within a single module.

Save Time and Money

BusPlanner® Web frees up staff time by reducing their call load—especially during those busy times in August and September.  Lower call volumes and information requests to the transportation department make your staff more efficient.  This not only saves you money, it just makes sense.

Ensure Data Security

BusPlanner® Web ensures that all student information is treated with care so that it stays safe.  The secure query facility allows both the public and staff access to the data they need with the same security they receive from their online banking.

Provide Peace of Mind

Having information within your reach offers peace of mind.  BusPlanner® Web allows parents easy access to their children’s school bus route information.  Furthermore, staff can produce immediate emergency contact or eligibility information without having to make a phone call.


Offer Instant Information

Today, people want instant information.  BusPlanner® Web offers clear answers to common questions such as “Is my child eligible for busing?” or “When will my child be picked up and/or dropped off?”.  BusPlanner® Web also provides staff with instant answers, reports, and statistics from the transportation database.


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