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These days, time is at more of a premium than ever. People need information, not only instantly, but intuitively. BusPlanner®'s mobile apps provide on-the-go route data for transportation staff (via BusPlanner® Assistant) and easy-to-access bus notification information (via BusPlanner® Delays). Here's what you need to know.

BusPlanner Assistant

BusPlanner® Assistant gives you on-demand access to your own transportation data — right from your phone. Whether you're a manager, supervisor, or routing technician, you can:

  • Access specific runs, routes, vehicles, and students
  • Confirm stop locations and times
  • Find out who is assigned to each stop

BusPlanner has given us the ability to accomplish more with less.

M. Sénécal, Nipissing-Parry Sound Student Transportation Services, ON
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BusPlanner® Assistant uses our BusPlanner® Info API to retrieve information securely from your BusPlanner® database. The app itself is password-protected for optimal data security, but also remembers your credentials to make it easy to access in a pinch.

When you're away from your desk and need information in a hurry, BusPlanner® Assistant has it at your fingertips.

Busplanner Delays

The BusPlanner® Delays app interfaces with the BusPlanner® Web Notifications Module. As soon as a notification is posted to your BusPlanner® Web site, it appears on the app — giving your stakeholders a more mobile-friendly way to access this information.

Just like the BusPlanner® Web Notifications site, the app will display:

  • Delay & cancellation notices for specific routes or runs
  • School closure announcements for weather-related shutdowns
  • General notices for all subscribers

Once it's set up, the BusPlanner® Delays app can be made available as needed to schools, operators, parents, or just your office. Users can download and access it themselves via the Apple or Android app stores. Ultimately, it helps mobile users view notifications more quickly and easily — leading to greater customer satisfaction for your stakeholders.

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