BusPlanner Finance

BusPlanner Finance
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With BusPlanner® Finance, you can manage route costing directly within your BusPlanner® routing software.

BusPlanner® Finance features simple, customizable tools for generating purchase orders, invoices, and planned vs. actual comparative analysis. Daily route costs are calculated instantly using your real-life operator contracts. Purchase order and invoice creation tools allow you to generate the necessary paperwork quickly and easily. Best of all, BusPlanner® Finance features dynamic cost calculations that update regularly — and automatically — based on route changes, weather events, and more. So amid changing circumstances, you’ll rest easy knowing that your route costs are accurate.

BusPlanner® Finance includes:
 Scheduled cost recalculations that reflect real life
 Customized, accurate school district invoices
 On-demand purchase orders for bus operators
 Intuitive “planned vs. actual” analysis tools
 Route planning and financial management in one integrated solution

I would like to encourage any transportation professional seeking a routing solution to strongly consider BusPlanner.

R. Waremburg, School District of Clay County, FL
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