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Your buses carry the most valuable cargo possible — your students. That’s why having your fleet in good working condition is paramount. BusPlanner Fleet helps you keep it that way.

BusPlanner Fleet is a 100% web-based application that tracks the maintenance of your school transportation vehicles. Organize your parts and servicing information in a single, searchable, paperless database. With work orders and other key data at your fingertips, your staff can focus on keeping your vehicles safe and on the road.

Manage Your Fleet

You need to know that your vehicles are in good shape. BusPlanner Fleet helps you run your shop by managing work orders, maintaining your parts inventory, and tracking scheduled service needs. Upcoming work is prioritized so that your staff is clear on what needs to be done first. And with tasks and vehicle history managed electronically, you can start eliminating unnecessary paperwork right away.

We were able to find a cost saving solution that would result in the removal of 17 buses within a single school year.

E. Chase, Regina Catholic School Division, SK
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Save Money

A school transportation vehicle is a big investment. BusPlanner Fleet can help you get the most out of each asset. Preventative maintenance tracking helps you identify problems before they arise, while dynamic parts inventory management ensures that you’ve got what you need to fix those issues immediately. By reducing downtime and keeping vehicles on the road longer, you can reduce headaches and ultimately save money for your organization.

Access from Anywhere

As a web application, BusPlanner Fleet is accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection, 24 hours a day. Whether you’re a manager, dispatcher, or service technician, you get on-demand access to maintenance records and work orders from your PC, tablet, or smartphone. So whether you’re in the bus garage or out in the field, information is always there when you need it.

Seamless Integration

BusPlanner Fleet’s vehicle and staff databases are directly integrated with BusPlanner Pro. With both applications connected, there’s no longer any need to track staff or asset information in multiple places. If you’re not a BusPlanner client yet, BusPlanner Fleet works as a standalone application too.

As with any BusPlanner application, you can host BusPlanner Fleet on your own servers, or in our secure environment with BusPlanner SaaS.

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