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BusPlanner® GPS is a state-of-the-art, real-time vehicle tracking and analysis module that puts school bus information at your fingertips—in real time. This fully-integrated GPS module not only offers standard vehicle tracking features, but includes important route- and time-based “planned vs. actual” comparisons. Calibrate your school bus routes using our revolutionary Speed Tuner™ technology and improve the efficiency and accuracy of your planning based on operational GPS data. Use BusPlanner®’s tightly integrated GPS toolkit to improve your fleet performance—and optimize your route planning.

BusPlanner® GPS is designed to operate in conjunction with GPS hardware, such as the EveryPoint® cellular-enabled GPS solution from Synovia Solutions®, installed on your fleet. Our system collects and uses raw GPS data directly from the GPS data repository. Tight integration with BusPlanner® Pro allows for easy, accurate matching and comparison with your school bus route planning data.

BusPlanner is the only software I have found that will actually route my fleet of school buses on useable routes

G. Reppert, Gwinnett County Public Schools, GA
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Track Your Vehicles

Keep track of your fleet to know where your buses are at all times. With real-time data on hand, you can quickly provide parents, operators, schools, and other stakeholders with accurate information—taking guesswork and estimation out of the process.

Calibrate Your Map

BusPlanner® GPS contains innovative Speed Tuner™ technology that helps calibrate street speeds in your base map using actual average vehicle speeds from your GPS system. Incorporating real-world speed data into your database ensures that your school bus routes are as smart, accurate, and efficient as possible.

Improve Accountability

With analysis tools featured in BusPlanner® GPS, you can isolate cases of excessive speeding or idling, both graphically and by route. Eliminate unnecessary time and stress by answering questions easily with data on hand. With clear answers from BusPlanner® GPS at your fingertips, you’ll always know what actually happened.

Plan With Actual Data

Optimize your school bus routes by comparing existing BusPlanner® routes to the real world. Knowing what is happening in the real world makes planning easier and more effective. Create smarter, road-worthy routes and minimize unnecessary mileage.

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