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BusPlanner® PM is a web-based tool that independently tracks and manages your school bus operators' compliance with specific contract items — including bus delays, incidents, key documents, and more. Enable your operators to upload relevant data themselves, rather than going through your office. With the power to integrate seamlessly with the rest of the BusPlanner® Suite, your days of duplicating work are over. And you can conduct audits at any time to find out which of your operators are in compliance with their contracts — and which are not.

With BusPlanner® Performance Management (PM), you can easily update, manage and evaluate fleet performance quickly and efficiently. Your operators and drivers will never be in doubt as to where they stand — their compliance status is readily available for them to view and update on-line at any time.

BusPlanner® PM can integrate directly with BusPlanner® Pro and BusPlanner® Web providing a single, seamless environment. This is advantageous when using your existing contract data from your transportation database to evaluate your operators.

I would like to encourage any transportation professional seeking a routing solution to strongly consider BusPlanner.

R. Waremburg, School District of Clay County, FL
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BusPlanner® PM Features

  • Universal, streamlined access for both operators and transportation staff
  • Up-to-the-minute monitoring of individual operator compliance
  • User-friendly, web-based interface
  • Secure storage of key data and documentation
  • Real-time integration with BusPlanner® Pro and Web

Secure and Protected

Just like in BusPlanner® Web, operators and transportation staff have their own accounts and are granted access to read and update the information that applies to them.

Helping You Save Time

With BusPlanner® PM, there is no need to keep manually compiling records in paper format. Your staff and operators can access necessary information from a convenient on-line portal. The result is a solution that saves time for you and your operators.

Evaluate Performance

JDon’t wait days or weeks to manually evaluate your operator’s performance. Do it right away with the online audit option that scores your contractor’s compliance quickly and efficiently.

How Does It Work?

BusPlanner® PM is an Operator Performance Management Facility that helps you track, evaluate and audit how your bus operators are performing, relative to the requirements within their contracts. BusPlanner® PM allows you to monitor operator performance effectively and efficiently all within a secure and user friendly portal and as part of your BusPlanner® Suite.