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BusPlanner® Pro is a cutting-edge Student Transportation Management System that produces highly efficient school bus routing solutions. Our multi-user capable system allows all staff to easily access vital information and plan school bus routes, while helping you analyze the effectiveness and cost of your overall solution. Using BusPlanner® Pro's effective and innovative tools, you can accomplish more with your time and improve the service you provide.

BusPlanner® Pro allows one or more staff members to access a shared transportation database via BusPlanner® Server, which can be accessed via a local area network or via the Internet. Additional products such as BusPlanner® Web—Georef's web-based Student Transportation Information Server product—can be added to provide further automation and cost-saving features.

Create Better Routes

Optimize your routing solution using our powerful route creation, editing, and optimization tools. More efficient school bus routes provide better service and save you money!

On top of providing remarkable customer service, Georef's products are top of the line. I am without hesitation, recommending BusPlanner!

N. Bouchard, Francobus, ON
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Reduce Your Workload

Use BusPlanner® Pro's flexible productivity tools for common daily tasks such as creating reports, finding stops, managing runs, and adding students. Answers are provided immediately and duplication is eliminated, while you save time and reduce your workload.

Uffer More Information

BusPlanner® Pro's powerful analysis toolkit offers distance and time calculations, costing breakdowns, route statistics, export possibilities and substantial reporting functions. Better decisions are made because full planning data is available.

Save Time & Money

BusPlanner® Pro's optimization tools maximize efficiency by reworking transportation scenarios, offering alternative run and routing solutions. Evaluating alternative options allow staff to take full advantage of available resources, ultimately helping save time and money.