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Every enterprise system comes with some administrative and IT requirements. The BusPlanner® Suite is no different, but there are other options! BusPlanner® SaaS is designed to offer you all the benefits of the BusPlanner® Suite without the need for IT staff to help you manage it. We do that for you! BusPlanner® SaaS is exactly that. Software as a Service. Your solution can be customized to your needs, but instead of having to install and manage on your servers, we take care of all the IT and host it for you.

The benefits of BusPlanner SaaS include:

  • All the planning power of BusPlanner®, none of the IT hassles!
  • No hardware for you to purchase
  • Access BusPlanner® anytime from anywhere
  • Managed by our team of professionals

Hosting with BusPlanner is the best decision that our District did for time savings, being up to date and having no downtime.

L. Geno, Conseil Scolaire Catholique de District des Grandes Rivières, ON
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Why BusPlanner® SaaS

With BusPlanner® SaaS, we build, host, and maintain your secure BusPlanner® environment. BusPlanner® SaaS enables you to:

  • Save time and energy. No need to purchase, set up, maintain, or worry about the IT around your BusPlanner® environment.
  • Access BusPlanner® from anywhere. Open BusPlanner® Pro from your desk, your living room, or anywhere with a reliable Internet connection.
  • Get immediate support. Our Client Services team becomes your single source of support — Just call us and we can help!

How It Works

Your transportation databases will be housed within our secure environment in the cloud. Once your new environment is configured and ready to use, each user will access the cloud via a special remote application to connect to BusPlanner. Board staff and the public will access your web portal as if it was in your office. Your data is kept safe at all times and at no time will it be shared with any other organization.

Switching to BusPlanner® SaaS

For existing BusPlanner® clients, switching to BusPlanner® SaaS is simple. The remote access can be configured. Then, at a prearranged date and time, we will “flip the switch” and move your key databases to our environment. Downtime is minimal and you will be up and running on the new environment. It’s that easy.