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Creating and administering automated tasks shouldn't be for IT professionals only. Now, with BusPlanner® Tasks, it doesn't have to be. BusPlanner® Tasks is an automated task scheduler designed as an interface between BusPlanner® and your Windows Task Scheduler. With this simple yet effective product, you can set processes such as student updates, nightly database backups, and Web refreshes in place quickly and easily.

We've created user-friendly step-by-step processes for each type of task we offer, meaning that BusPlanner® Tasks does the complicated technical work for you. And if a task is unsuccessful, it also gives you the ability to find out what went wrong.

With BusPlanner® Tasks, automating your school bus route planning process just got a whole lot easier.

Customer Service has been fantastic. We look forward to working with Georef Systems for many years in the future.

K. Toth, Crown Point Community School Corporation, IN
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