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Does your school or district have the resources to fully maintain a transportation department? Do you have the time to learn and master complex routing software? With BusPlanner® Virtual Planner, we set up and manage your school bus routes for you with our highly qualified team of transportation planning professionals. Our technical support and route planning team helps every step of the way — taking away the stress of managing your student transportation needs.

BusPlanner® Virtual Planner service includes:

  • Setting up your student transportation database
  • Student geocoding
  • Creating stops, runs and routes
  • A customized BusPlanner® Web website
  • Full customer service support

BusPlanner is the only software I have found that will actually route my fleet of school buses on useable routes.

Grant Reppert, Transportation Director, Gwinnett County Public Schools, GA
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Is Virtual Planner Right For Me?

BusPlanner® Virtual Planner is ideal for schools or districts that operate between 5-15 buses. There is minimal cost for the initial implementation of your system; we charge by the number of buses you have. Since there is no need to purchase any software, BusPlanner® Virtual Planner is an ideal, low-risk solution at an affordable price!


  • Reduce stress by letting our professionals do the planning
  • Reduce calls from parents and schools because they can get the information themselves
  • Increase your service to parents via bus delay portal service

How Does It Work?

BusPlanner® Virtual Planner service is based on Georef's renowned BusPlanner® Student Transportation Management System, employed by school boards and transportation providers across North America. Our team of experienced transportation planners will plan your routes and post the results on a BusPlanner® Web portal specifically customized for you. Parents, school administrators, and/or bus operators will all have up-to-date routing information available to them throughout the school year via this secure web portal. Email notifications for communicating bus delays and/or school cancellations are also included.