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Automating and optimizing the workflow in a transportation office can produce efficiencies and save time. With BusPlanner® Workflow, these tasks have never been easier.

As an extension of BusPlanner® Web, BusPlanner® Workflow helps streamline the school bus route planning process by automating some of the common processes within your department. Input and organize incident reports, requests from the public, and other key documents in one convenient location. Standardized forms and an intuitive tab-based format make issues easier to locate, track, and resolve. Email notification abilities are also included, ensuring that you and your staff are aware of any issues that arise.

BusPlanner® Workflow helps you with:

  • Effective document management
  • Faster turnaround times
  • Streamlining best practices
  • Improved internal communication

BusPlanner allowed us to go paperless. Parents and office managers can submit requests right on line.

E. Chase, Regina Catholic School Division, SK
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Reduce Calls

Reduce the number of phone calls to your transportation office with BusPlanner® Workflow. By posting your forms online, parents can complete transportation forms electronically and submit them directly to your transportation department.

Store Document History

You can easily store and maintain a record of each document and email generated. To save your history, simply use the “archive” option which will keep your history indefinitely.

Streamlined Approvals

With BusPlanner® Workflow, processing submitted documents is easier than ever before… with less paper on your desk! With a fully electronic approval process, individualforms will be dealt with more quickly — resulting in better customer service.

How Does It Work?

BusPlanner® Workflow is an online forms management module within BusPlanner® Web. Using standardized forms, you can input and organize various incident reports, requests from the public, and other key documents all in one convenient location. Once a form has been submitted to your office, BusPlanner® Workflow automatically generates an email to the sender acknowledging receipt of the document. This ensures that all of your requests are being addressed in a timely and equitable manner.

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