Mobile Apps

Go mobile. BusPlanner has a full suite of apps to suit your district’s needs, including:
All of our apps use our BusPlanner Info API to exchange information securely with your BusPlanner Pro database. Download and access our apps via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
These days, parents expect real-time busing information. Chipmunk helps you provide it. The Chipmunk app offers parents the ability to see their child’s GPS bus location – in real time – along with an ETA telling them when the bus will arrive. Features include:

• Real-time travel data for each GPS-equipped bus
• An ETA feature for projected arrival times
• Support for GPS market leaders
• Intuitive interface to minimize phone calls
• Alerts for key notifications to parents

By giving parents real-time bus information, Chipmunk helps you offer better customer service.
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BusPlanner Assistant gives you on-demand access to your own transportation data – right from your phone. Whether you’re a manager, supervisor, or routing technician, you can:
image • Access specific runs, routes, vehicles, and students
• Confirm stop locations and times
• Find out who is assigned to each stop

BusPlanner Assistant uses our BusPlanner Info API to retrieve information securely from your BusPlanner Pro database. The app itself is password-protected for optimal data security, but also remembers your credentials to make it easy to access in a pinch.

When you’re away from your desk and need information in a hurry, BusPlanner Assistant has it at your fingertips.
With BusPlanner Delays, you can provide seamless communication to mobile users across your district. As soon as a notification is posted to the BusPlanner Web Alerts Module, it appears on the app – giving your stakeholders a fully mobile-friendly way to access this information.

image Just like the BusPlanner Web Alerts page, the app will display:
• Delay & cancellation notices for specific routes or runs
• School alerts for announcements affecting specific schools
• General notices for all subscribers

Once it’s set up, the BusPlanner Delays app can be made available as needed to schools, operators, parents, or just your office. Users can download and set it up easily via the Apple or Android app stores. Ultimately, it helps mobile users view notifications more quickly and easily – leading to greater customer satisfaction for your stakeholders.
Staying on top of GPS vehicle substitutions can be a full-time job. With BusPlanner Subs, it doesn’t have to be.
The BusPlanner Subs app enables your bus drivers to pick their assigned GPS vehicle each day – before they hit the road. All each driver needs to do is:
  1. Open the BusPlanner Subs app
  2. Select their BusPlanner route and GPS vehicle
  3. Start driving!
From there, the updated bus substitution feeds directly into BusPlanner GPS, ensuring that you – and your parents – have the right GPS data first thing in the morning.

For even more functionality, the BusPlanner Turns app also includes bus substitution functionality, allowing drivers both vehicle swaps and turn-by-turn directions in a single, easy-to-use app.
BusPlanner Turns is a real-time solution for your bus drivers. This mobile app provides live turn-by-turn directions for school bus drivers to follow while they drive their route. Features for drivers include:
• Clear turn-by-turn directions – directly from your BusPlanner routing system
• Real-time directional updates to get diverted drivers back on track
• Live bus substitution options for BusPlanner GPS customers
• On-demand student rosters for each stop
• Downloadable instructions to minimize mobile data use

This app is perfect for spare drivers, or drivers that need to cover unfamiliar routes in a shortage situation. For any route, this app can visually display or audibly speak the directions to the driver as the vehicle moves along the route – just like the personal GPS devices you are used to.

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