Our Services

BusPlanner offers more than just routing software.
image Choosing Georef as your transportation planning software supplier can be considered a "best practice" because Georef is not just a regular company. We care about what we do – and it shows! We offer many value-added services to our clients because we see our client base as our BusPlanner family, and we want to ensure the success of our family. With our range of available services, we help you leverage your software solution to deliver measurable results.

BusPlanner Virtual Planner

Let us handle your route planning.
image With BusPlanner Virtual Planner, we set up and manage your school bus routes for you. Our qualified team of transportation planning professionals is there every step of the way - taking away the stress of managing your student transportation needs. BusPlanner Virtual Planner is ideal for schools or districts that operate between 5-15 buses. There is minimal cost for the initial implementation of your system; we charge for the number of buses you have. Since there is no need to purchase any software, BusPlanner Virtual Planner is an ideal, low-risk solution at an affordable price.