Fast, accurate route planning for COVID times!

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted how we safely transport students to and from school everyday. Protecting our students, drivers and schools is of utmost importance. Our COVID toolkit is designed to help transportation professionals stay ahead of the ever changing demands of school bus transportation within this pandemic.

BusPlanner offers easy to use COVID tools to help!

Run-Splitter Tool

Use this innovative tool to quickly and accurately assess and split any number based on selected criteria including home room, grades, or days.

  • Easy-to-understand dashboards help make guided decisions.

  • “Carve” students from existing runs and create new runs automatically in minutes.

  • Save operations money by providing accurate service with this informative tool.

Contact Tracing Analyzer

Use this innovative tool to quickly identify possible exposure groups based on specific contact periods.
  • Quickly generate contact or call lists for use in mass-communication systems.

  • Track students as they get on and off the bus each day.

  • Visually locate student scan(s) on your map.

Bus Seating Charts

  • Create and manage accurate bus seating charts to confirm where students are sitting while on the bus to minimize risk.

  • Configure your seating charts in airline or bench style grids with driver distancing and sibling sharing options.


    Customized Reports

    A wide variety of customizable reports can easily be created for student lists, route summaries, financial details, student manifests and timelines. Generate custom reports and graphs for various departments and stakeholders anytime you need them.

    Integrated Parent App

    Integrate your new runs and notify parents of changes with the Chipmunk School Bus Tracker™ Parent app.
      Chipmunk is a great way to get information to and from parents quickly and easily. Parents are able to communicate changes affecting school transportation with you.
      This two-way messaging app can alert parents to delays and cancellations pertinent to their child(ren), reducing the number of phone calls you receive. In a nutshell, Chipmunk displays:
      • Personalized information for each child
      • Cancellations and major delays
      • General notices from the board
      It is an improved way of communicating with the ones who need to know. Chipmunk will save your department time and money by allowing parents quick and easy access to information affecting school transportation.


      For over 30 years, BusPlanner has provided innovative route planning tools to the student transportation marketplace. The ground-breaking technology behind our COVID toolkit is one more indication that BusPlanner is here to support you and the ever changing demands of school bus transportation within this pandemic.

      Relax knowing that our unmatched commitment to customer service means that our BusPlanner Help Desk is open daily and your phone calls are answered LIVE to help you get the answers you need quickly and efficiently without going through the hassle of voicemail.

      Contact us today to discover how BusPlanner can help you save planning time, provide safer service, and even save you money.