GPS Tracking & Analysis

If you’re investing in both routing and GPS technology, you need to maximize your investment. BusPlanner GPS is a fully-integrated module that enables you to track and analyze data from leading GPS hardware platforms.

Real Time Tracking & Analysis Module

With your BusPlanner GPS purchase, you’ll be empowered to perform the following key tasks directly within your routing system:

  • Track your vehicles in Real Time
  • Search your vehicle History – by route or by area
  • Compare planned vs. actual Driving Paths
  • Evaluate On-Time Performance for your buses
  • Get live student Ridership data
  • Compare – and update – your Stop Times
BusPlanner GPS also includes our innovative GPS Speed Tuner, which uses existing GPS data to calibrate your map and improve the accuracy of your planned routes. Leading GPS providers can also use our BusPlanner Info API to pull route information right from your BusPlanner database, for tight, two-way integration.

Add this functionality directly into your BusPlanner Pro routing software, so that you – and your staff – have answers at your fingertips.


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