Our Core Route Planning Solution

Get the best routing solution out there. BusPlanner Pro, our route planning application, is the bedrock of our pupil transportation management suite. BusPlanner Server, BusPlanner Tasks, and our BusPlanner Info API round out your solution and give you the essentials you need to plan your routes.

Pupil Transportation Management Software

BusPlanner Pro provides flexible, efficient routing solutions for K-12 transportation professionals. Its intuitive, easy-to-use interface enables all staff to easily access vital information and plan bus routes, while helping you analyze the effectiveness and cost of your overall solution. Using BusPlanner Pro's effective and innovative tools, you can accomplish more with your time and improve the service you provide.

Key Features to Help You Succeed
Get Answers Quickly
Seamless Third-Party Integration
Plan, Analyze, Optimize



Multi-User Data Server

The BusPlanner Server product provides simultaneous, multi-threaded access to corporate databases for route planners operating in a real-time environment. Advantages include:
  • All staff have access to the same corporate databases
  • Changes made by one user are immediately reflected and seen by other users
  • Manage access to multiple databases at once, including live, planning, and test copies
  • Perform map work and regular daily routing – all at the same time


Automated Task Scheduler

BusPlanner Tasks is an automated task scheduler that links BusPlanner Pro and your Windows Task Scheduler together. With this simple yet effective product, you can:
  • Automate nightly student imports and exports
  • Schedule automated backups and Web refreshes for convenience and security
  • Get immediate email notifications for unsuccessful tasks
BusPlanner Tasks is included with your BusPlanner Server install.


Transportation Information Service

BusPlanner Info is a transportation information API designed to provide your BusPlanner data to external applications, including:
  • Student information systems
  • Interactive voice response (IVR) technology
  • GPS-specific applications
  • Other third parties
BusPlanner Info is a live web services product that can replicate data between applications or service live information requests directly from your transportation database. With it, your BusPlanner data is accessible to our BusPlanner Apps, as well as our BusPlanner GPS, Workflow, and Trips products.

With the flexible published API, third-party applications can easily get the information they need directly from your transportation database—whenever it’s required.