Online Portals

BusPlanner Web is your information hub for schools, drivers, operators, and parents. Tack on our BusPlanner Alerts communication service and BusPlanner Delays app, and your communication needs are covered.

Student Transportation Information Portal

Today, people expect up-to-the-minute information. BusPlanner Web helps you deliver it. BusPlanner Web is an intuitive website that provides searchable school and attendance boundary information to your stakeholders – so you can cut down on phone traffic to your office.

BusPlanner Web offers three distinct, but integrated portals that are designed to get information to those that need it – right away.
    Parents & Students
  • Secure, intuitive login & authentication process
  • Up-to-the-minute transportation details for each child
  • Immediate notification of service interruptions via BusPlanner Alerts
    Professional Users
  • A full professional area for schools, drivers, operators, and board employees
  • Easy student searches for school administrators
  • Downloadable route manifests & turn-by-turn reports for drivers & dispatchers
  • Secure data – so each user only sees what they need to see
    Public Users
  • Look up attendance & busing eligibility for any address
  • Quick access to school location & contact info
  • Optional “closest stop” location & time – further reducing phone calls
BusPlanner Web can be used as a stand-alone web-based application, but is designed to be an important part of the BusPlanner Suite of products.


Stakeholder Communication Service

When service interruptions happen, you need a way to get the word out quickly. The BusPlanner Web Alerts Module enables staff or operators to communicate key information to stakeholders, via email, SMS, Twitter, and other platforms.

Key notification types include:
  • Cancelled or delayed routes
  • School closures or lockdowns
  • District-wide notifications

When a notification is posted, BusPlanner Alerts is set up so that only those who “need to know” are notified, both inside and outside your office. Alert types are pre-configured to ensure consistent messaging and make posting quick and easy.

Coupled with our BusPlanner Delays App, BusPlanner Alerts makes it simple for you to keep your stakeholders up to date – with just a few clicks.

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