Field Trip Management

Field trips are a regular part of school life – in normal times, anyway. With BusPlanner Trips, it’s never been easier to schedule and coordinate all of your field trips, from approval to billing.

BusPlanner Trips is an online portal that helps your schools effectively book field trips while maintaining the purchasing transparency you require. Whether trips are out of town or just across the city, BusPlanner Trips can help streamline the administrative process, saving you time and money.

BusPlanner Trips is available in two editions, to suit the varying needs of transportation departments:

Standard Edition (SE) is designed for schools and districts that own their own buses. This edition offers the administrative tools to effectively administrate approvals, assign drivers, and invoice schools.

Contractor Edition (CE) is created for districts that contract out their busing needs. This edition allows the transportation department to oversee a bidding procurement process where private contractors are used by schools for field trips.

image BusPlanner Trips helps you:
  • Book trips throughout the school year
  • Assign trips to drivers or contractors
  • Calculate and manage trip costs
  • Coordinate all of your trips in one central location

Both editions include the following standard features:
  • 100% web-based functionality, either on its own or as part of the BusPlanner Suite
  • Automated email notifications for assigned drivers
  • Secure driver and school access for easy communication of trip details
  • Costing information for budget tracking and management

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